Finding Inspiration

So one idea of mine that I’m attempting to pursue is a character drama following a police officer as he is suddenly thrusted into the limelight and gets swept up in an outburst of media attention and the after effects that come from it.

A key inspiration behind the idea is David Fincher’s Gone Girl. If you haven’t seen the film then basically it’s about a man named Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) who is married to Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike). On the day of their fifth anniversary, Nick returns home to find that Amy has gone missing. The film follows him as he it deconstructs his character and throws suspicion of her disappearance on himself as he makes mistakes after mistake and is brought down heavily by the media.

This is the kind of thing I find interest. How the media, news and social media intrudes into people’s lives and the lengths they go to for a story. I want to create a character with whom we sympathise until we start to see more and more into their life and realise that deep down, they’re actually an arsehole and don’t deserve our sympathy. When I was writing my original outline for the idea I focussed mainly on this character’s life and the people that weave into it. But then I stepped back and looked at the bigger picture. What if this character is a smaller part of a bigger world? I re-evaluated and decided to combine my inspiration from Gone Girl with inspiration from another source.

Fortitude. Set in the cold harsh winter landscape of Norway, a small sleepy town where people have come to escape their pasts. Everyone in the town has a secret to hide and the narrative weaves from person to person and how their lives intersect with one another.

This provided me with the inspiration to make the story about not just this man, but about the whole village he lives in. The secrets the people are hiding and the lies they’ve been telling. I want to not just deconstruct one character, I want to deconstruct several. A town full of people with secrets, some bad, some good. I want this to be a true challenge to my skills as a writer.

Not sure how to end this blog post

Peace out homies


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