My name is Nathan Jones. Just to help you narrow down who I am here is a list of Nathan Jones’ that I am not:

What I am is something entirely different. For one, I’m not athletic. I am a graduate of the Film and Video course at the University of South Wales, graduated in July 2015 with 2:1 with honours and a hunger to learn more. During my time at USW I was unsure of what I wanted to be, until I took a scriptwriting module in my second year, at which point I decided I wanted to write and direct for television, which I feel is now a more creative and expansive medium than film, it is for this reason that I decided to apply for the MA Scriptwriting Course at USW. As a former student I was already familiar and friendly with the course tutors and I was ready to learn more and create a better portfolio that could help get me noticed by the bigwigs such as BBCChannel 4 and ITV.

I’m still interested in writing and directing short films but TV is my goal. I’m also interested in writing for video games, as in recent years interactive media and storytelling has come to the forefront of the industry and become something that people no longer just push away as being a childish and flat. Video games such as The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite have helped pave the way for modern writing in interactive media and it is certain a bandwagon that I would be interested in hitching a lift upon.


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